Girls Night Out

Release your Inner Model

It time for you to get the girls together for a fabulous girls night out experience.

Can you imagine bringing a group of your friends to a place where they can have the best experience ever?  Girlfriend Fun, Make-up, Lights, Camera and Action. You will be in an atmosphere where it allows every your beautiful side to shine and lets you release your Inner Model. The final result will be lots of fun and amazing photographs that will be a lasting memory of an incredible Girls Night Out evening together. 

No worries Ladies, our team is trained to guide every women through their Photo Shoot. Whether you've never been behind the camera, or if you a veteran we are trained to work with you accordingly to fit your needs and to make sure you are comfortable releasing your Inner Model while having fun.

  • Why have a Girls Night Out?  We are pretty sure you can think of a reason, as there is always a good reason to get with your friends and have a night out.  How about having a Girls Night Out, just because? Other reasons can be to celebrate Birthdays, Bachelorette Parties, Graduation, Reunions, Sorority Gatherings, and New Job or anytime you just want to feel gorgeous among friends.

Inner Soul Images Photography Studio can host between 4 to 15 women for a long delightful evening of portraits, fun and games. Our Studio will be yours to enjoy. The evening will begin with you serving your guests enjoyable refreshments or you can let us cater your event (contact us for catering menu and prices). Girls Night Out Photo Packages start at $50.00.

Your party begins with girlfriends mingling, socializing and an optional make-up session. There is a $45.00 prepayment fee per person for make-up application. Our Make-up artists are skilled and know the proper techniques to bring out the best in your portraits. Make-up service is an optional service; however we strongly recommend it. A Make-up Artist will be available for your party as long as you have a minimum of 4 guests who prepay for make-up services at least 14 days in advance.  If you do not want an Make-Up artist on site for your party, we can give you suggestions on where to go to get your make-up done beforehand.


There is just a $75.00 reservation fee to hold your scheduled date. Your reservation fee will be given to you as studio credit for you to use at your party towards your purchase.  Only you can use your Hostess Credit.  Your Hostess Credit cannot be applied towards anyone else's order.


  •  The Host will receive 10% discount off your order for each guest that RSVP to your party. So, if 6 people RSVP you will get a 60% discount off your order. You could get up to 100% off your purchase (up to a $200.00 maximum order).
  •  You can also get your make-up services for free, if you have 5 or more guests that prepay for make-up services.
  •  You will receive a complimentary CD with 5 edited images if you have 5 guests that RSVP. 

Hostess perks are guaranteed if you have 5 or more guests. If you have less than 5 guests, then you will only be given RSVP discount. No other perks will apply.

Your guest will be required to put down a $25.00 deposit to secure a spot at the party. This deposit will guarantee the hostess a 10% discount automatically. With each deposit, will receive a 10% discount.  This means a Hostess no longer has to depend on whether or not a guest shows up to see what her perks are.

The invitations will have instructions so the guests now that they will need to RSVP their attendance by contacting Inner Soul Images to make a $25.00 RSVP deposit.  RSVP deposits can be made several ways. Over the phone using a debit/credit card, on this website, in person or by mailing a money order to the studio. The number of RSVP deposits that are received for the party determines the Hostess discount. So to maximize your perks from the party, encourage your entire guest list to RSVP by the deadline.

If a guest makes a RSVP and pays the $25.00 deposit, however does not show up to the party, the guest will receive $25.00 photo credit to use at the studio anytime within 6 months of the party.  The photo credit can be used for a private shoot, family photo shoot or at another scheduled photo party.

Additionally, if a RSVP guest shows up, but then elects not to take photos, they will also get a $25.00 photo credit (upon their request) to also use within 6 months of the party.


If the Host for any reason cancels the party, the guests will still have a $25.00 photo credit to use within 6 months of the party. You can use this credit if the Host reschedules the party for another date or you can come on your own to do a photo shoot.

There are no refunds on RSVP deposits; only studio credit will be given.


Immediately after the photography part of the evening, you will have a short break while we review the images and select the absolute best of the best to show you.  When we resume, we view the images with you in the comfort of our appointed viewing room.


Yes, we will have your images available to you online for 14 days. The gallery is password protected and only accessible to people you choose to share the images with.


Our studio offers a wide range of high quality products from stunning wall portraits, gift prints, books, albums, and many more gifts that let you capture the evening for a lifetime. We also sell digital images, so you will be able to share the experience with friends who don’t live nearby.


When your party starts, you will have two hours in the studio to play exclusive “fashion” themed games and create stunning personal portraits on several of our backgrounds.  After the portraits are taken, we take a short break and then show you the images so that everyone can see how they released their Inner Model.


We will work with you and suggest clothing choices depending what style of photography experience your group wants to have. Most people already have clothes that are suitable without the need to go and purchase something new. Of course, any clothes that make you feel good about yourself really show in the finished pictures.  Apart from the obvious clothing choices, think about bringing hats, scarves, jewelry and other props that we can use to spice up the images and make them personal.


As you are aware, we are a Photography Studio and are in the business of selling portraits. Therefore, we expect your guests to participate in your Girls Night Out Party by purchasing photos. However, if a guest(s), who did not RSVP, opts out of purchasing, there is a $25.00 surcharge that will apply. If any of your guest(s) leave without paying the $25.00 surcharge fee, it will ultimately be your responsibility and Inner Soul Images will deduct it from your $75.00 deposit amount.


Photo packages must be paid in full the night of the Photo Party.

Photo Party Package prices range from $50.00-$250.00. For In-Studio package descriptions, please contact the Studio.  Photo orders take 10-14 days to process and Photo books and calendars take 15-20 days to process. 

To allow us to be able to provide excellent service and attention to detail, we only schedule one party a day. If you are more than 30 minutes late for your party, the studio has the right to deny services if it will interfere with the scheduled end time. If your party is forfeited because of no shows or tardiness, there will be no refunds on the party deposit or the RSVP deposits.  There will be no exceptions to this policy. 


You are allowed to bring wine and alcohol to your party at our Studio.  We want you to have a good time; however, we ask that you drink responsibly.  We have a lot of expensive equipment in our studio and while we want you to have fun, we do not want you to become a danger to yourself or others.  Guests will be asked to show identification to ensue they are legal age to consume alcohol.  No identification, no consumption.


Bryant and Nikki are the husband and wife team who run Inner Soul Images Photography Studio. Bryant is the creative force behind the photography and the one who will capture your Inner beauty by making you feel comfortable and relaxed. Nikki is the driving force of the business, making sure that your experience is smooth from beginning to end.  She will help you with tricky poses and make clothing and hair adjustments for you.

If you cancel your party within 14 days of your scheduled event, then a $75.00 credit will be given to you to use at our studio at any time. This amount can be used to schedule another party at a later date or used to purchase pictures during a private photo shoot within 6 months. If you cancel your party less than 14 days, then your deposit will be forfeited unless you reschedule the party within 6 months. If you decide to reschedule, there will be a rescheduling fee of $30.00. There will be no exceptions to this policy. 

So call Inner Soul Images and book your Girls Night Out Portrait Party today and don’t miss out on this great experience. A $75 deposit is required to book. To schedule, call 402-709-0672.