Out with the old and in with the ART...

Cleaning up the office last week I happened to come across our wedding proofs in an old Walgreens photo envelope. It was filled with some 50 to 60 4x6 photos of all of our great big day memories. Nah,  I'm lying to you it was more like a bunch of candid photos from a kid that just got his first smart phone. Of course when you are dealing with dresses, cakes, a venue and all the guest accommodations spending money is all your probably thinking about.

Then years go by and you walk down memory lane and realize you don't have keepsakes of your special day, just some random, shoddy photos. The low budget photographer (or friend with a camera) not only missed the special moments of your big day, but had most of the photos out of focus or not correctly exposed. You forgave these mistakes at the time because of the money you saved or the relationship with the photographer. Now 1, 5, or even 20 years later you realize thatyou have nothing of quality to remember you special day by... well,  besides your personal memories.

I challenge you to open up your mind and appreciate the art of today's photographer. Get that large print or canvas for your personal gallery (your home). Buy that leather bound, thick matte page album that will be around years after we pass on. Invest in your memories and do not let them pass you by.

The Anti Selfie Movement

This is not a dis against selfies. Not at all. It's more of a challenge to go beyond holding your smart phone up at a 45 degree angle and making duck lips as you drive to work or school. It's more than documenting every 16 seconds of your life by taking shots of you with the location peeking out behind you.  This is a challenge to find creativity and archive those moments in in life that will be around forever and displayed for all to see....on a wall.

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