The Anti Selfie Movement

This is not a dis against selfies. Not at all. It's more of a challenge to go beyond holding your smart phone up at a 45 degree angle and making duck lips as you drive to work or school. It's more than documenting every 16 seconds of your life by taking shots of you with the location peeking out behind you.  This is a challenge to find creativity and archive those moments in in life that will be around forever and displayed for all to see....on a wall. Yes i said a wall. Your personal  art gallery like my parents had when I grew up. My moms hallway gallery is impeccable. photos of my grand parents, family reunions, my brothers and our kids, neatly adorn her walls and all who enter stop and look. A digital file is convenient but can and will corrupt or get lost. where a print(if taken care of) can last forever.Go to your parents or grandparents home, take a look at their personal art gallery. 

I now challenge you to start creating your own. You don't have to always use a professional photographer. I will be biased and would suggest one for the portraits and heirlooms (shameless photographer plug) but for those candid moments...go invest in a inexpensive camera. Snap some shots, get them printed and get your gallery started. Let's get your memories off of your phone and onto your wall.